Ramps and Bridges

Kemp Docks fabricates aluminum ramps to access docks and boathouses. Ramps vary in widths of 4, 5, 6, and 8 feet, and lengths from 8 feet up to 40 feet.

Our ramps can be built to connect directly to the face of your dock or have a nosecone assembly with roller wheels that allow the ramp to rest on the surface of your dock and move with the fluctuating water levels. 

The ramps can also be fabricated with handrails for safety and security made from aluminum square tubing or from a variety of wood materials.

When spanning impassable areas on your property or over small straits between your islands Kemp Docks fabricates custom steel bridges. Bridges can be cladded in lumber of your choice or left as exposed steel that is epoxy coated for longevity.