Many thanks for the great job done on the dock, ramp, swim ladder and four anchors at our island!  We are delighted to finally have a dock that will stand the test of time and take whatever the elements decide to throw at it in spite of it's location.  It is especially gratifying to know that we have a dock that we don't have to relocate for the winter!  You and your team really did a very nice job - we are thrilled with the final product and the careful installation carried out by you and your crew.  Last week-end we were able to take our 24' boat out to the island and keep it there for the first time ever.  Many thanks to you and your team for doing such a terrific job accommodating our objective of getting a high quality product delivered to us in a pretty aggressive time frame.

Seldom does an entrepreneurial business arrive on the scene with everything put together.  Such is the case with Kemp Boats.  Creative design, flawless workmanship, willingness to think outside the box brings Kemp Boats to the forefront of marine design and execution in economical welded aluminum watercraft.  Kemp and his willing to please crew construct rugged boats built to withstand the rigors of any marine environment "His guys really know how to lay down a bead"  We were one of Scott's first customers and now proudly own two of his custom constructed crafts, a 14' and a 17 footer.  Kemp is a pleasure to deal with and a true professional.  

We are very pleased with the way our boat performs even in the rough water. Thanks again.